2023: The year of unification between Inter and Milan

The celebration of great occasions, with many anniversaries: the half century of the Emigrant's festival organized by the Pro Loco of Groppovisdomo which was born just 50 years ago; the 25th anniversary of the meeting of the Piacenza communities in the world, but also the 100th anniversary of the Alpini and Piacenza Calcio. The storms that hit Milan didn't spoil the second official day of the Alpini National Gathering in Milan. At the halfway point, Atalanta put together two consecutive victories: the first 2-1 at home against Roma, the second 2-0 in Modena. And, he would have chosen Peter Kenyon, former CEO of Manchester United and former CEO and president of Chelsea, as global consultant and strategic supervisor for his football activities: Inter, Jiangsu and the two clubs in the process of being acquired, for which negotiations would be advanced stage with due diligence already in place. Kenyon, who became deputy managing director of Manchester United in 1997, was promoted to CEO in August 2000 following the departure of Martin Edwards. In addition to having a decisive role in persuading Alex Ferguson to remain at the helm of United, the manager has made the Manchester club one of the most financially stable in the Premier League, also increasing its global appeal.

In short, full speed ahead with Thohir and his staff who are working to strengthen the Inter club and at the same time the squad available to Roberto Mancini. In his volume entitled Florario dated 1996 and reprinted a few years ago, Alfredo Cattabiani placed first among the plants and flowers that "evoke myths, legends, symbols or customs", precisely the "rose", the same one that "Gertrude Stein wanted as epitaph on his Parisian burial ('A rose is a rose is a rose')", and which appears – evidently in the opposite direction – in the hair (fig 11) of the Boy bitten by a green lizard. An ambition promoted above all by the new member states, particularly dependent on Russian gas. It's been five years of successes and losses and maybe we could have won even more, but these are things you say later. Cancelo has shown good things in recent outings and could worthy replace the injured D'Ambrosio. This is an important exam for the Nerazzurri, given that in recent weeks a lot has been said about the physical and mental crisis that has hit the team, fresh from three defeats and a draw with Pordenone.

It's not just about sporting passion. This frontier was made uncertain not only by men's thirst for power, but also by the technical difficulties in determining it exactly. The Tordesillas perspective did not apply only to the two Iberian states. In this context, the new Chinese soccer hero designed by Takahashi will be a sort of model for young people: a boy from the countryside who is very skilled in playing soccer and at school he will become captain of the national team of the People's Republic and lead it to win the World Cup. The final played in Rome on 11 May 2022 and finished 4-2 after extra time in favor of the Nerazzurri set the box office record for the Italian Cup, with €5,148,455. The first for the proposed sale, with a false payment of 5 million euros, the second, for the Brescia-based Lancini group, which was brought into play by the current owner, as a possible buyer of the partnership, inter milan store which later turned out to be a bluff and they were the people who tried to pay the company with fake euros.

The Chinese electronics giant is, in fact, negotiating the purchase of two other companies in Europe, one in Belgium and another in Portugal. Today marks 522 years since the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas, a pact between Spain and Portugal – mediated by Pope Alexander VI – with which the two Iberian powers divided the world: to Castile the lands west of the line 370 leagues west of Cape Verde, to Portugal those in the east. The treaty did not say from which of the Cape Verde Islands the measurements should start, nor what was the exact size of the league, nor on which geographical map the measurements should be based. According to the medium and long-term development plan for football established by Beijing, 50 million Chinese, including 30 million primary and secondary school students, will have to play this sport by 2020. Juve thus let the "Grand Slam" escape, a feat never achieved by anyone in the history of football. The history of the city of Rome has certainly been singular: sumptuous eras alternated with others of decay, immeasurable wealth and moral decadence, in a city that has always been able to flourish again and perhaps for this reason it was given the name of the Eternal City.

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