84': Muriel enters the area from the right

Even if it is positive that institutional evictions have been practically absent in Naples and in the Neapolitan area, however, until a few years ago, there were no policies that envisaged valid alternatives to the camps. Now, however, the Napoli fans hope that the trophies will also arrive in the immediate future and, as mentioned, the man called to this enterprise is Carlo Ancelotti. Only the memories remain, but the inexorable time has drastically reduced, if not completely eliminated, the number of fans who can rely on their memory to remember it. 2. The Canyon Valli Cupe is a rare geological formation deeply embedded in a substrate made up of polygenic conglomerate – with an extraordinary scenographic effect – which originated following the slow excavation action carried out by the stream of the same name, which originates at about 700 m above sea level on the southern slopes of Monte Crozze, with on the summit the splendid votive church built at the end of the 1920s and whose northern slope extends right across from the historic center of Sersale.

The territory of Sersale, an important center of the Catanzaro presila and a classic example of an urban center in the inland and mountainous areas of Calabria, with its history and natural beauties (among which the Canyon Valli Cupe stands out, unique in Italy for its geo- morphological), has become – in a few years and thanks to the incessant action of qualified local professionals – a model of sustainable tourism tested and activated "in the field". We now briefly conclude the history of Nannina's sports production. Attilio Girandola, Alpine veteran of the Second World War, originally from Farinese, turned 99 just yesterday. Written observations may be submitted within thirty days from the date of publication to the local bodies concerned, napoli jersey on which the managing body must express its opinion within the following thirty days. Once this deadline has elapsed, the observations with the opinions of the Management Body are forwarded to the Regional Council which, within sixty days of receipt, pronounces and issues the approval provision to be published in the BURC. ", against the former Ronaldo, "Instead of press blackout, days off and controversy over the referees… Music will be the protagonist in the evening with the concert by the Fanfare of the Taurinense Alpine Brigade at 9pm in Palazzo Gotico and immediately after the carousel of fanfares in center.

Sunday 8 will be the most important day, with the raising of the flag at 9 at the war memorial, the subsequent parade through the streets of the center accompanied by the fanfare "Congedati Orobica" from that of Piacenza and by the musical band "La Magiostrina". It is now the journalistic habit to open the services dedicated to football matches (the Milan derby above all) by presenting the two opposing choreographies. He is attacked by Sforza who has forces superior to his (16,000 horses and 7,000 infantry). According to a source shortly after the events, in the same period, the leader tries to have Sforza killed by the constable Sbardellato da Cittaducale: the attempt is discovered even if no one manages to prove the existence of a conspiracy. 2. The registered office must, as far as possible, show an architectural aspect that best represents the purposes of the reserve in the specific objective of eco-compatibility and integration with the naturalistic context of the protected area, also through the creation of a structure to be used as an observatory and museum naturalistic. 12/3/2003 n.120, establishes the Regional Nature Reserve of the Valli Cupe, an entity with public law personality. This bill, therefore, is aimed at establishing the "Regional Nature Reserve of the Valli Cupe" in order to protect, enhance and make one of the most interesting natural areas of our region usable in a sustainable way, both from a historical-cultural point of view both from an environmental point of view.

1. The Region, as indicated in art. 26 and with the adoption of the naturalistic asset plan pursuant to art. 5. The naturalistic development plan is equivalent to a declaration of public utility, non-deferability and urgency for the public and public utility interventions envisaged therein. 1. The naturalistic asset plan is the instrument for implementing the purposes of the regional nature reserves. From the first part of its course, the Valli Cupe torrent flows in a deep gorge which soon takes on the characteristic deep incision known as the Canyon delle Valli Cupe and, after a journey of about 15 km, it plunges into the waters of the Ionian Sea at of Sellia Marina. 90 ' There will be four minutes of added time before the triple whistle. The course of the stream develops for a good part in the territory of the Municipality of Sersale and, in the terminal part – near the town of Calabricata – it continues in that of the Municipality of Sellia Marina.

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