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Juventus manager Pierpaolo Marino spoke during the 'Radio Goal' broadcast on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli. May 10, 1987 is a historic date: Napoli are champions of Italy for the first time. Since the pope was far away and occupied in much greater matters, his subjects could not have recourse to him except with very great expense and difficulty, and with very little profit; so that they consider it less bad to bear the injuries done to them by the governors than, in seeking the remedy, to waste time and money, and to provoke themselves more whoever can injure them again; and therefore a governor and is and appears to be lord of those cities. Because how could the pope deny such things to someone who had all his secrets and his entire state in hand? And certainly if you had seen, judges, Messer Francesco in Romagna, as I believe there are many present here who have seen him, with his house full of tapestries, silverware, servants, with the concurrence of the whole province, who from apart from the pope, who entrusted everything totally to him, he knew of no other superior, with a guard of more than a hundred lanzchenechs around him, with halberdiers, with other horse guards, always going through the city in the midst of hundreds of people, never riding with less than a hundred or a hundred and fifty horses, drowning in lordships, in titles, in the most illustrious lord, you would not have recognized him as your citizen, as similar to you; but considering the grandeur of the affairs, the immeasurable authority, the very great dominion and government, the court and the pomp, it would have seemed to you more equal to every duke than to any other prince.

So when he was in the armies, don't you imagine seeing one of your commissioners, who, not being our camps bigger, nor the authority of the city greater than it is, and in many other respects, may seem great in everyone's eyes, but not supreme: it was not like this for him, finding himself with all his authority in the hands of such a great prince as a pope was, always and principal head of the leagues in very large armies, and where all the great captains and lords of Italy were, so many gentlemen, so much nobility; where, having very great opportunity to do utility and reputation to many, he was not only honored but almost adored. Who is accustomed to living like this for so many years, can remain under private life, can put his head under one of our hoods? Already he, with his demonstrations, with his thoughts, with his desires, with all his actions, no longer knew what was private; already the words, the manners, the haughtiness, the desire to be obeyed and understood by hints were no different than that of one who had been born and always lived as a prince, and who always had to live as a prince and die. What his life was like then, and by what means he preserved himself in the goodwill and favor of the tyrant, one cannot know in detail, because ordinarily the actions of those times do not appear as they do now in councils and publicly: these are things that go around in private for the rooms and in a few, but it can be known very well for the effects.

I don't know how to speak for a long time about the years that followed that age, because he went away from Florence to study, but reason forces you to believe that as you understand his beginning to have been, as you see his progress thereafter, such was this time of his absence; because the means always correspond to and participate in the nature of the extremes. You have heard, judges, of the robberies and evils caused by her avarice; not all, because it was an infinite and impossible thing, but what I have been able to propose. And reasonably, because everyone in the mature age knows better how to cover and simulate his moods; which those who are so young do not know how to do, but everything they have even in their bowels, even in their heart, appears without any reserve. And if in such a tender age, in which it is almost a miracle that I felt the taste for power and honors, it was such that we can believe that it was then and that it is now, having and choosing a way of life and having had fortune capable of arousing ambition in every cold and soft spirit, as well as in one who burns it himself?

Nor did he have them for a fixed time, but with the most certain hope of having them during the life of the pontiff, close to anyone who was in such a position, that he was allowed to govern as substitutes a large and important province such as Romagna, had he time of war the care of all his armies and arms, and in peace he was elected to stay close to him as major consultant and expeditor of all matters. However, not only while he was in Florence did they give him those honors and pleasures that you have heard of, but not long afterwards, neither asking nor thinking about it, they sent him governor of Modena: to which all those from Rome and those from Florence contribute., because for the arts themselves he was grateful to everyone and especially Madonna Alfonsina, a very stingy and very ambitious woman as we all know, who was the one who proposed him, and to whom he was always very grateful. The theft is therefore clear but not the quantity, because it has no rule, no measure, no certainty; he stole as much as he wanted; think then what happened; doesn't my arbitrariness already add to it, the imagination doesn't understand it, so how is one to liquidate?

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